Characters Voices

What is this?
Everyone has a head canon for how a person sounds, and they’re all valid. Here is mine.

Marie: Marie's voice is fiery and determined, reflecting her strong will and ambition. It has a youthful quality, brimming with energy and passion. When she's excited or angry, her voice becomes louder and more forceful. However, when she's in a serious or reflective mood, it softens, carrying a hint of vulnerability.

Jaina: Jaina's voice is warm and friendly, with a slightly teasing undertone. It's the voice of someone who enjoys life and isn't afraid to show it. She often uses colloquial language and slang, making her sound relatable and down-to-earth.

Claire: Claire's voice is cool, calm, and controlled, reflecting her strategic mind and commanding presence. She speaks in a measured, deliberate manner, choosing her words carefully to ensure her meaning is clear. Her voice carries an air of authority that demands respect.

Uncle: Uncle's voice is gruff and worldly, the voice of someone who's seen and experienced a lot in life. Despite his rough exterior, there's a warmth and kindness in his voice, especially when he's talking to Marie and Jaina.

Faustin: Faustin's voice is calm and steady, reflecting his logical and pragmatic nature. He speaks in a clear, concise manner, often getting straight to the point. His voice can be comforting in stressful situations, projecting an aura of reliability and trustworthiness.

Spinnelope: Spinnelope's voice is lively and expressive, reflecting her energetic personality. She speaks quickly and enthusiastically, her words often tumbling out in a rush as if she can't wait to share her thoughts. Her voice can be playful and teasing, but also serious and focused when the situation calls for it.

HotWheels: HotWheels voice is twangy and dripping with molasses, reflecting his humble upbringings, he should sound like a good ole country boy with a drawl too match. His words are silky smooth and littered with colloquialisms.

Trombozo: Trombozo is a clown, he puts on a fake voice like Krusty, or some other famous clown you’ve heard of. It’s high off-pitch and brings a smile to your face, there should ALWAYS be pun in there somewhere, and he likes to make sure people are laughing around him.