Chapter: 2 - Adventuring Academy

Page: 15

Title: Yaga

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Author's Notes

Definitely didn't forget to post this one until an hour later because of Tears of a Kingdom Yup. Definitely not. So Marie's sword here, Carissima Lama Zanna here was a character I came up with around... well a few weeks ago when I finished up Dimension 20's season of NeverAfter. I was really excited about Brennan Lee Mulligan's take on the baba yaga, and wanted to do something interesting with that same idea, an old crone. While I normally go for over the top and wacky designs, what makes Zana stand out, is her mundaneness. She is grey, she is one of us, she is human, and that is offputting and weird, and scary, and has IMPLICATIONS, and I hope people are weirded out when she's on the page. The model I used for her, I stretched the joints the fingers, the facial features, Too Far. Going out of my way to create a human that's just slightly fucked up. I'm also switching to 1280 width instead of 1440 because it's a nice cross point between webtoon and normal, fits in Tumblr's maximum limits, and it's the resolution of my favorite comic's though of course, I always render at x8 resolution, so my canvas is still 10240 x 10240