Chapter: 2 - Adventuring Academy

Page: 10

Title: Refresh

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Author's Notes

Did a visual refresh, so there's going to be some growing pains as we work our way through it. I had to change the design up, because in a fit of... Idk what to call it a schizo moment I guess (literal), I deleted all my Daz Models and files, and then deleted the back ups, and burned everything to the ground because I was upset. I couldn't really tell you what I was upset about, but boy oh boy, was your girl mad. After getting a hold of myself again, I realized I could use this as a reason to start over with my art style and my art work. So I remade everyone in a better image in my head, (the de-bishification of Uncle being one of them,) and worked on getting an update out. I ended up cutting this update in half, so I'd have one in the tank still.