Chapter: 2 - Adventuring Academy

Page: 9

Title: Plan

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Author's Notes

We're moving along now at a steady clip, but I'm always just moments away from not getting a comic out in time even with the backlog. The big thing I've been doing is making sure I don't start a page, until the next page in the queue is written and storyboarded. It only takes a few hours to draw, in fact most of my time is asking ChatGPT to poke holes into my plot as much as possible. Whether that'll work out for me, we'll have to wait and see. I've got a rough outline for Chapter 2, and I've got scripts for the next few pages. The very next page is storyboarded I really like Scrivener for writing scripts, but ChatGPT doesn't play nice with it. Honestly, AI has largely kept the fuel to my fire, because when I get in a writer's block, I can spitball ideas back and forth late into the night.