Chapter: 2 - Adventuring Academy

Page: 6

Title: Up in Smoke

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Author's Notes

I've also changed my process a bit, I do things in batches so it's not finalized until the last moment inking as many panels as I can at once, so that if I have to make a change it's the least amount of effort until I'm shading, allowing me to throw away anything I want. Big shout out to the multiple people who helped get that one through my head. I'm very stubborn at times, and it's a detriment to my ability to learn and hone my craft.

Finally, my wife says I spend too much time on the comic to not ask for money, and has demanded I put the patreon and paypal back-up if I am going to spend 30+ hours a week on this. So that'll be coming up soon, and since the first chapter is done, and is nearly 40 - 50 pages, I'm probably going to sell a hardcover, once I figure out what to do with the animations, but they'll probably just be QR Codes. I'll also be hosting an offline version as pay what you want on that you can run on any computer or browser, and I'll put up a new one with every chapter that finishes.