Chapter: 1 - Prologue

Page: 23

Title: Oozing Charisma

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Author's Notes

This has largely been a great page to draw, I've always enjoyed drawing oozey slimey things, and playing with the word bubbles has been a great way to get some more character. Doing a read along with Clown Corps really shows how dynamic art can be, and I'm truly impressed and jealous of their talents. I've been largely focussing more on when I can fit in an animation, and the best place to break a page for tension. This one was a little weird in that regard, because it's part of a larger set that I realized would work better if we just cut it about 10 panels earlier and worked on the next few over the next half a week. I might even end up building a backlog (Beta readers, please don't tell people that I don't ever keep a backlog(It's true though, every page is done within 24 hours of it coming out.))