Chapter: 1 - Prologue

Page: 19

Title: Mech

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Author's Notes

This character was a fun one to design (They're all fun ones to design tbh,) Which required making a whole new skin map just to make sure I get everything consistent from scene to scene. We also get to see Trombozo act like a normal person, which is kind of important if we're going to give him a relationship with one of the main characters lol.

Today's update is so tiny because I updated on Monday and thought that I'd have another 20 panels done by today, and it'd be too big. Jokes on me of course, the opposite happened because of the ADHD medication shortage. What's that? You haven't heard of this? Well, for the last 6 months there have been dwindling supplies of Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, hell even Modafnil have been rapidly dwindling. It hit the rural folks the worse, and has been slowing crawling it's way through the country. Now it's reached me, and without ADHD meds, I'm kind of a hot mess. Well more of a mess than normal. I learned a valuable lesson though, if I think I'm going to need to split an update, Then post one later, not one earlier. I think these panels would have been a nice little end cap to the last update. Ces la vie, such is life. See you next week On Thursday, in some Time Zone where it's Thursday. (I try to get these out at midnight-ish Wednesday, but spread around different time zones to keep things interesting.)

Also, I'm very open about this but someone asked me about my process, and since I don't have twitter I don't know if it's still common knowledge. I make 3D models using custom skins, textures, and shaders (some purchased!) Then rig everything in Daz, draw over everything but the backgrounds, and then use AI to generate the backgrounds for me. Hey, if Eiichiro Oda and other comic people can rely on a team of artists to do the grunt work, why can't I do the same with the immortal machine?! ;)

A lot of the extraneous details of Spinnelope's current outfit are to keep visual details straight. Watch how pieces of the leg laces, freckles, belly button piercing, and spider tattoo all line up with different landmarks of discoloration. I also gave her four freckles on one side, and three on the other, so I can tell when I'm messing up right and left. Beta Reader pointed out I should say why she looks like this. I have an irl foster brother who has vitiligo, and he's lamented before that there's no cool characters with it. He's one of the few people who reads my comic that I know IRL, so it's a little treat for him. Also assymetrical designs are pretty. Also I mean, look at her how could I not? Do you not see those cheekbones? The spider woumb tat? The lesbian manicure? She's perfect!

That's really all I've got for this week's episodes of Boots. Well except I went through my e-mail and found some more shit to throw in here

To answer another fan's question, all the horny shit is is now on Cohost. Which you can find at There's not much right now, but every once in a while I throw some shit up there.

Another fan asked where I got the idea for Boots from, and to be honest it all started with Marie and The Advenutrer's League, which I wanted to be a crime drama that was a cross between Meg Mogg and Owl, and One Piece. I didn't really nail that vibe, but I did learn a lot about comic making. A lot of the DNA of that is here, including many shared characters. If you mean the designs themselves well. I'm big gay and want to draw incredibly hot people doing badass shit. I had created this huge world, and was like "I'm going to make my epic!" and that failed miserably. I'm trying to get the archives for Marie up, but I did NOT name the files in any sensible way, so it's slow going as I re-do each url by hand. That one died because it was my first comic ever, and I didn't really know what I was doing, I kept the notes for a re-boot though, though if I did boots again, I would probably completely avoid naming everyone after Characters in Marie and The Adventurer's League. To continue on, a big chunk of Boots comes from the end of my 2nd comic Steppe Into The Ring which we DO have archives for, when that one died it was very sad, but I learned a lot. It was right around when I was giving up on it I realized that the crime drama stuff is in my wheelhouse. This is my third comic, and mobsters are my FAVORITE shit. I think this story is a love letter to the God Father movies, Friday, and crime game plots, like GTA San Andreas, and my experiences as a transgender lesbian teen. lol this shit is way too long. This is what happens when you take my pills away.