Chapter: 1 - Prologue

Page: 17

Title: Pack Up The Louis

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Author's Notes

Something to consider when choreographing a fight scene in a comic is how many panels of action are there. There' also pacing to consider. Are you properly pacing your fight? Are you giving everyone time to breathe, do people know where everything is happening, or is it even important at that moment? Fight scenes even with 3D models are a huge test of your skill as an artist. They require dynamism, anatomy, choreographing, planning, and placements. Maybe some people can just throw together a fight scene, but I find that if I don't plan the whole thing out, it can quickly go to shit. If you're an aspiring webcomic artist, think about your fight scene before you rush into it lol.

This second scene ended up feeling a lot "realer" to me than I had first intended,and another thing when making comics is that I'm worried I'm being discordant with the tone. We have Uncle punching his own shirt off one moment, and then Marie lamenting blowing up an apartment building in the next. We have people surviving multiple gun shot wounds, but I'm trying to still set this up as something important. Having a moment to talk about being dead named and lamenting it, while also accepting it as a heat of the moment thing between family is a very real experience that I feel like may be universal for transgender people like myself. Its' like you accidentally turned your old name into a slur that can be used against you, and people can do it completely unwittingly because they simply didn't know, or that's what they've called you for decades.

It's a powerful personal moment, and time will tell if I made the right call or not using this personal thing for my comic.